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Links to other Petra sites

I'm not the only Petra fan around, that's for sure. There are tons and tons of us all over the globe, and the number of fan pages on the World Wide Web reflect that. Below, you will find the most complete list of Petra-related sites anywhere.If you know of a Petra website that isn't listed, please the name and URL and I'll add it.

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English Petra sites

Michael Jones' Guide to Petra
This is still the quintessential Petra website, with lots of background info, album reviews, and great links to finding Petra stuff on the web

Petra1: Philippine Petra Rendevous
Daniel Brian Abbey's website features awesome designs and graphics plus some interesting interviews

If you are Petra collector or trader who needs info about every vinyl, cassette, 8-track, video, pre-release, or promotional item ever released, then this comprehensive site is for you!
This website by Jay Cavallaro features up-to-the-minute Petra news.
This site is up-to-date and has some interesting interviews.

Petra in Australia
A fan site dedicated to Petra's March 2005 visit to Australia.

Cory Dodds' The Rock Cries Out
Cory has Petra .mp3s, and other stuff related to Petra

GuitarRon's Tribute To Bob Hartman
GuitarRon has some really cool stories to tell about his encounters with Bob Hartman!

Jesusfreak's "Petra: Hot Christian Rock" Page

EZ Walk's Petra Page
These fan sites haven't been updated in a long time.

Guitar tabs / Music files

Christian Guitar Resources - Petra Tabs
This page has tabs/chords for 50+ Petra songs!

Gospel Cifras - Petra
This page has almost 30 Petra tabs/chords

Jason Brown's Petra Tabs
This page has a good selection of 25+ Petra tabs.

Power Tab Archive - Petra Tabs
This page has tabs/chords for 10 Petra songs.

Douglas Sands' Tribute to the Ministry of Petra
Doug has a huge selection of Petra midi files.

PETRA - Midi Files and Lyrics
jayechristopher has arranged his own Petra midis and has quite a collection of them.

Petra RealAudio Page
This site features several Petra songs in RealAudio format that you can download.

Nathan Moussa's Petra Page
Features several Petra tabs plus a couple WAVs of Bob's guitar work.


Weezer's Petra Website
This Petra website has a nice selection of photos

Diana Morris' Too Many Petra Photos!
Diana has lots of great photos from around 1997-98.

Petra Rocks for the Rock
Prabhu has some very nice screen captures from various Petra videos

Greg Chance's Petra Photo Albums
Greg has several "photo albums" from different Petra concerts in 1988, 1990, and 1991!

Michael's Petra Pictures Page
Michael has some really great Petra photos here!

Petra sites in other languages


Petra Means Rock! (not the same as the English site above)
This page is excellent. Somehow, these guys always get the scoop on Petra's new albums!


Petra Oasis
This great site features the lyrics to every Petra song translated in German!

This page has just started so doesn't have much, but it is very well-designed and should be growing.

AGS Petra Club
This is a well-organized site with lots of information.


Petra Rocks It
Includes Petra discography, news, and band history.


Eu amo Petra!
Marcos has translated many Petra songs into Portugese and also provides some cool wallpapers to download.

Petra Praise
This website also takes different articles from other websites and translates them into Portugese.

Right now the site features a special on Jekyll & Hyde


Petra - Sobre la Roca
Yoli's website has English interviews that have been translated into Spanish and more!

Pagina de Petra
This is a really good page for the Spanish-speaking Petra fans in the world.

Más Alla de la Fe
This site has Petra news, WinAmp skins, PC wallpapers, and much more.

Messageboards, fan communities

Petra Rocks The World!
This fan community features multiple discussion boards, instant messaging, calendar, detailed profiles, and more.
This active messageboard is the home of the "Petheads" and also has a chat room and other features.

InPop Petra Messageboard
This board has lots of features and is operated by Petra's record label.

Douglas Sands' messageboard has multiple discussion boards, and more.

Petra - Sobre la Roca: Foro
A great messageboard for Spanish-speaking Petra fans.

Official band and band members' sites

Petra's official site

Inpop's Petra site

Bob Hartman's homepage

John Schlitt's homepage

Former band members' sites

Bill Glover's homepage

Rob Frazier's homepage

Greg X. Volz's homepage

Ronny Cates' homepage

Kevin Brandow's homepage

Pete Orta's homepage

Trent Thomason's homepage

Bryce Bell's homepage

Quinton Gibson's homepage

Louie Weaver's homepage