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Band members
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Band members

As of 2005, when the band announced its retirement, Bob Hartman had rejoined the band as guitarist and Paul Simmons was their new drummer. After Petra retired, I stopped tracking lineup changes, so this information is no longer current.

John Schlitt
Lead vocals

Paul Simmons

Bob Hartman
Lead Guitar

Greg Bailey
Bass Guitar

Previous Band Members

Below is a listing of the various people who have filled different positions for Petra over the years. The dates given are approximate, especially for the early days of Petra.


Bob Hartman, 1972-1995, 2003-Now (2006)
Greg Hough, 1972-1978?
Rob Frazier, 1979?
David Lichens, 1995-1997
Kevin Brandow, 1997-1999, 2000-2001
Pete Orta, 1997-2000
Quinton Gibson, 2002-2003


John Slick, 1981-1983
John Lawry, 1984-1994
Jim Cooper, 1994-1997
Kevin Brandow, 1997-1999
Trent Thomason, 1999
Bryce Bell, 2000-2003


Bill Glover, 1972-1978?
Louie Weaver, 1981-2003
Paul Simmons, 2003-Now (2006)


John DeGroff, 1972-1978?
Mark Kelly, 1981-1987
Ronnie Cates, 1988-1997
Lonnie Chapin, 1997-2001
Mike Brandenstein, 2001
Greg Bailey, 2002-Now (2006)

Lead Vocals

Bob Hartman & Greg Hough, 1972-1977
Greg X. Volz, 1979-1985
John Schlitt, 1986-Now (2006)

These are pictures of Petra from sometime in the early or middle 70s. I found them on the Jesus Music webpage.