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There articles are stories, concert reviews, and interviews with the band members. This is one of my favorite parts of the website, and I plan to keep it growing.

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Concert reviews

Franklin, TN "Petra: Farewell" event review

Petra records their final live album "Petra: Farewell" with special guests Greg X. Volz and John Lawry on Oct. 4, 2005. Click here to read about it.

Aizawl, India concert review

Robert Chongthu describes Petra's second concert in India, on Dec. 3, 2004. Click here to read about it.

Angola, IN "Reunion" concert review

Bob Hartman reunites for the first time with two of the original members of Petra, plus a performance from present-day Petra. Click here to read about it.

Bangalore, India concert reviews

Pramod Ninan tells about Petra's second concert in India, Dec. 15, 2002. Also, a shorter review from Earl D'Roza. Click here to read them.

Thiruvalla, Kerala, India concert reviews

Several fans have submitted reviews of Petra's first concert in India, Dec. 12, 2002. Click here to read them.

Night of Joy concert review

Shawn Corcoran submitted a review of Petra's first concert with Bob Hartman in 7 years, Sept. 7, 2002 at Walt Disney World. Click here to read it.

Kirksville, MO concert review

Here's my review of Petra's August 31, 2002 concert. Click here to read it.

Sherman, TX concert review

Allen sent in a review of Petra's July 6, 2002 concert. Click here to read it.

Bryant, AR concert review

Richard sent in a review of Petra's May 19, 2002 concert. Click here to read it.

European concert reviews

I've received several reviews of Petra's recent concerts in Europe. Check them all out! Special thanks to Lukas Jacobi, Wim Dhaese, and Nick Rossell for sending them in!

Indianapolis concert review

Jonathan sent in a review of Petra's March 9, 2002 concert. Click here to read it.

Finland concert review

In the winter of 2000, Petra toured northern Europe, including the great country of Finland. Niko Ringvall sent in a review of one of their shows. Click here to read it.

Tinley Park, IL Concert Review

Special thanks to Larry Birks, who submitted an awesome review of the Petra concert May 21 in Tinley Park. Make sure you check this out by clicking here, because it has a lot of good information on Petra's "Greatest Hits...So Far" tour!

Articles About the St. Louis Concert

On November 6, 1998, Petra came to St. Louis. I have to say that Petra has improved a lot since this tour began in Kansas City several months ago. I was blessed in many ways by this concert.

  • Story about my chance to meet John Schlitt and Kevin Brandow
  • Review of the St. Louis concert.

Articles About the Kansas City Concert

Recently, Petra came to Kansas City, and I took a trip out to see them. The concert was incredible! I wrote up a review of the concert which is available here!

  • Review of the Kansas City concert.


Paul Simmons Interview (July 25, 2004)

Read this interview, written by Pieter van Wingerden in 2004.

Greg Bailey Interview (May 17, 2004)

Read this interview, written by Pieter van Wingerden in 2004.

John and Bob talk about J&H (Fall 2003)

Click here to read the extensive interviews I conducted with Bob Hartman and John Schlitt shortly after "Jekyll & Hyde" was released.

John Schlitt Interview (July 1999)

I sat down with John Schlitt for an interview in July 1999. In this interview John announced publicly for the first time that Kevin Brandow was leaving Petra and Trent Thomason was coming aboard. He also talks about the then-upcoming album "Double Take." Click here to read it!

Bob Hartman (Sept. 1998)

I recently had to write an interview for my Freshman Composition class. I was struck by the idea of using Bob Hartman as my subject. He agreed to do it, and gave me permission to put both the interview and the essay online. This interview was conducted in September 1998.

  • The Essay is the final draft of the "oral history" I turned in. (I got a 100% A on it, too. :)
  • The Interview Questions contain all the questions I asked and all the answers Bob sent me through email, unedited.

Other articles

Transcript of Kevin Brandow May 4 Online Chat

Kevin Brandow got to meet lots of us Petra fans online on May 4 for an online chat. It was lots of fun and many people were able to attend the chat. Go ahead and click here to read the transcript!

Double Take review

Some of you know that I work for a newspaper at my school, the University of Missouri - St. Louis. Well, I was able to get an advanced copy of the CD and write a review which was published this week in the newspaper! Click here to read it.

"What a Year!" Contest Winners

In celebration of Petra Rocks My World's first year, I held a contest. To win, you had to write a tribute of some sort to Petra, and I got lots of responses. Below you will find the three best entries!

  • Read the WINNING entry, titled "The Road." This is a very well-written, original story that includes various lines from Petra's songs.
  • Read the first runner-up entry, titled "My Petra Odyssey." It's the true account of a fan's relationship with the band, written as a story/poem.
  • Read the second runner-up entry, titled "End of an Age." This is an original song, written as a tribute to Petra.