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General info

What is Jekyll & Hyde?

"Jekyll & Hyde" is Petra's 21st studio album. It's an aggressive "loud-rock" album with 10 tracks.

What are the song titles?

  1. Jekyll & Hyde
  2. It's All About Who You Know
  3. Stand
  4. Would'a, Should'a, Could'a
  5. Perfect World
  6. Test Of Time
  7. I Will Seek You
  8. Life As We Know It
  9. 'Till Everything I Do
  10. Sacred Trust

Who performed on the album?

Bob Hartman wrote or co-wrote all the songs and played lead guitar. John Schlitt sang lead vocals. Wade Jaynes played bass guitar. Greg Bailey co-wrote one song and sang background vocals. Peter Furler produced the album for Inpop Records and performed as a guest drummer. Jamie Rowe and Phil Joel also contributed background vocals.

When does the album come out?

The album will be released August 19

How can I order the album?

You can buy it at your local Christian bookstore. There are also many music stores selling the album online. See the Order page for more info.

Are there any singles?

Yes. The first rock single is the title track, "Jekyll & Hyde." It was serviced to Christian rock stations on June 27. The first AC single, "'Till Everything I Do" was serviced to radio stations on July 11.

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